Top 8 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Not Interested (How He Acts?)

It’s not worth wasting time on the person who’s not into you!

That’s why never give your heart to a guy only keeping you wondering about his feelings for you.

Before falling head over heels for the mysterious Scorpio guy that you’ve already had eyes on, be patient and take a moment to get the situation better. As long as you understand his personality, you’ll find he is not too difficult to read.

So, what are signs a Scorpio man is not interested?

Importantly, try to look at your circumstance objectively. Though being cautious and taking everything into consideration before jumping into a relationship sound not romantic at all; however, it will protect you from heartbreak.

Here’s our list of 8 signs the Scorpio male may not like you…read through in order to steer yourself towards the right romance.

Does Scorpio Man Have Special Feelings for You?

a look at how a scorpio man acts if he is not interested

Scorpio men have a tendency of not displaying their feelings and emotions to those whom he doesn’t trust completely. Because of this, it’s pretty hard to determine if your love interest is not ready to open up or really not interested.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of sure signs telling a Scorpio is just not that into you.

Check out the following signs and make yourself a way out instead of rushing in a dead-end relationship leading to nowhere:

1. He isn’t excited in getting to know you

There’s a reason why this sign is listed as the sign no.1 – the Scorpio male is 100% not interested if he shows no desire or passion in getting to know you as well as your quirks.

But, things will be different if he has a crush on someone.

This guy will not let himself miss any detail once he falls for you; everything about you seems to be worth learning.

2. He avoids making physical contact

We all know that Scorpio man is sensual and can’t help leaning into contact when meeting someone he feels attracted. Nonetheless, he tends to pull back if the lady is not his type.

Don’t expect he to observe or mirror what you are doing; most of the time, he will find things that can keep himself busy.

3. He rarely shows his body language

I must say that his body language is guarded when he’s next to the person he’s not interested.

Treating you with a reserved attitude is a sign indicating he doesn’t like you. You’ll find him trying to avoid your eye contact or talking to you with crossed arms and stiff shoulders. In addition, he prefers looking at other people to looking at you.

If he feels shifty or uncomfortable while being around you, the only answer is that he wants to escape from the awkward situation.

4. He keeps his distance

Putting an invisible space between you and him is an unmistakable sign of disinterest from the Scorpio. He will look for somewhere else where he feels more comfortable; this explains why he becomes distant from you.

Whenever you ask him for a date, he will make excuses.

5. He notices nothing about your appearance

No matter how much effort you put on your appearance, he’ll never notice.

But, on the flipped side, Scorpio man who’s interested in you will always pay attention to all the changes from you in terms of your appearance. No need to ask him to point out, he can easily pick up on your new hairstyle or new accessories.

6. He doesn’t give you any compliment

When a Scorpio guy likes someone, he can’t stop himself from complimenting that person – it could be about her beauty or her style. He wants his love interest to know about his inner feelings and that he is always observing to things related to her.

Without his compliments or praises, it means you lack his attention and desire.

7. He flirts with other girls

A Scorpio man is likely to flirt with other girls if he has no interest for you. Very determined, he doesn’t want to spend much time with someone whom he cannot see the possibility.

So, it’s normal for him to hang out with other people in order to find the right person.

Don’t think that he showing his flirting nature just to make you jealous; in fact, this Scorpio guy is never into such these mind games. If you are his true mate, then he will be direct and serious.

8. He doesn’t start the conversation

Another sign telling a Scorpio is not interested is that he doesn’t initiate the conversation. If you are the only one starting up the talk, then you already get the answer about his feelings.

He may be shy, but this male is able to strike up a conversation with the girl he falls for.

No men are dense; in fact, their head is always full of cool ideas to get attention and impress their love crush.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be disheartened if the Scorpio man withdraws or avoids you while you see him as a potential boyfriend.

I know it’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you the same way. By knowing how he actually feels about you, you will realize whether or not you are in a dead-end relationship. Don’t let yourself become too invested to a wrong person – if he keeps having one foot in and one foot out, then it’s better to find someone else.

I hope this article gave you clarity on his behavior when he is not interested.

Nobody wants to see these hurtful signs, actually! If you truly love the Scorpio male, there are still several ways to win over his heart. However, in case he keeps being cold toward you, then never dedicate your time to a guy who doesn’t deserve your heart.

Always make sure your Scorpio love interest worth your love and effort.

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