What Is Scorpio Man Best Match (Finding His Destiny)

Honestly, Scorpio is the hottest zodiac sign of all!

With his mysterious and magnetic characteristics, everyone wants a piece of the Scorpio man. No matter where he goes, this male is irresistible and inspiring. Honestly, all guys secretly wish to be as appealing as he is.

He’s the kind of villain you want to fall in love with in the Disney world.

As a fixed water sign, he’s indeed a passionate and emotional lover who can’t help showering his affections to his loved one. It’s just that he doesn’t fall for anybody – you must be special enough to win over his heart.

For people wondering about Scorpio man best match, the answer will get revealed in this article. Keep reading and you’ll see whether or not you two are compatible in the love aspect.

5 BEST Matches for Scorpio Male in Love

insight into scorpio male best love compatibility

A typical Scorpio man is unpredictable, courageous, direct, stubborn, resourceful, and tough. It’s always now or never to him. Hard to fall in love, but he falls hard once admitting his feelings.

When it comes to finding the partner in life, zodiac signs making the best matches for this Scorpio guy are Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, and Pisces.

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#1: Scorpio man & Taurus woman

The match between the Scorpio male and Taurus female is the definition of opposite attraction.

She’s the hottie that he can’t stand, but overall it’s an exciting combination. Though their personalities are different and sometimes her stubbornness probably frustrates him, Scorpio man can’t help finding her attractive in a very special way.

I believe that nothing can be more intriguing than two individuals having totally opposite traits finally fall in love. In this case, the differences of Scorpio and Taurus can complement each other well.

His zodiac sign is fixed earth while hers is fixed water.

No chance for these two to love at the first sight! Both of them are extremely serious about the commitment in relationships, and they certainly will not give up on one another. Of course conflicts do arise when two buttheads come together, but things can be settled down if they learn to listen and understand each other.

#2: Scorpio man & Capricorn woman

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman are faithful in love and have no problems with committing a relationship. This promising pairing can stick together through thick and thin as they have great respect for each other.

Both look for the long-term security and luckily they can provide that to each other once getting together in love. They are equally good with finances and always work hard to strengthen their love spark and connection.

No one can compare to this real powerhouse coupling!

They can fulfill each other well; for example, the male with profound intuition is able to satisfy his partner’s curiosity…in the meantime, the female impresses her man with her diligence and practicality. Usually it’s Scorpio man who takes control of main issues in this relationship because he loves to set the pace and the lady completely agrees with that.

Sensual and full of passion, these two individuals have incredible physical chemistry in the bedroom.

#3: Scorpio man & Virgo woman

Astrologically, Scorpio and Virgo share a lot of common traits – they both are reserved, investigative, cautious, and prudent. Very independent and secretive, these two signs have a strong need for personal space.

When Scorpio male and Virgo female fall for each other romantically, the relationship can potentially end up with a blissful marriage.

They are capable of complementing the other’s strengths and weaknesses as well. Of course there’s no possibility for them to love at the first sight as both take quite a long period to open up and let someone enter their inner circle. Moreover, they are private, intuitive, reflective, and prone to tiny details of life.

He is the perceptive and she is also infamous for her observant nature.

Neither of them can be stunned by difficult challenges: just give them a couple of minutes to work together and they can come up with the best solution that will drag them out of any trouble.

Though this relationship is slow to start, it’s really worth a lifetime.

#4: Scorpio man & Cancer woman

Fairy tale does exist when Scorpio man is in love with Cancer woman.

Of all signs in the zodiac, Cancer is considered as the Scorpio best match for love and marriage. Both are water signs, they can understand one another’s emotional needs with ease. They also have lots of things in similar, such as amazing intuitiveness and insensitiveness.

The moment they pair up, each partner’s strengths can back up and support the other’s weaknesses effortlessly. His intensity and passion will be healed thanks to her nurturing nature.

On the compatibility scale, these two are emotional soulmates and kindred spirits who feel safe around one another and always give each other needed encouragement. He provides the security and she offers devotion to the relationship – together they can build a solid base for the long-lasting commitment.

Scorpio man with his terrible dark side can be soothed and comforted by Cancer woman’s soft heart.

At a glance, this pair is deadly yet indescribable sweet.

#5: Scorpio man & Pisces woman

The relationship of Scorpio and Pisces is what dreams are made of!

When these two water signs get involved in a love romance, they’re capable of helping each other to access different realms due to their merged power. This relationship is something more dreamy than a dream, and the possibility for both not to wake up from it is high.

Both are intuitive and always long for something out of life; indeed, each of them just has one foot in the real world. Probably because of the fear of practicality, they choose to leave their mind wandering in the fantasy world. As soon as Scorpio male and Pisces female fall in love, they won’t hesitate to run away to a faraway place together.

Don’t expect either of them to come back as they won’t once finally found their partner in mystical crime.

The man brings stability in the relationship whereas the woman shares her excitement and variety. He is passionate and she’s truly a romantic when everything processes deeply.

The key for the love between Scorpio and Pisces to work out is that the guy should learn how to avoid his possessive and controlling tendency.

Scorpio Male Compatibility with Other Signs

Before learning about the compatibility of Scorpio and his other matches, let’s gain clarity on the man’s elemental pairings.

When only the elements are concerned, your Scorpio man:

  • Matches perfectly with other water signs
  • Gets along well with earth signs
  • Completely clashes with fire signs
  • Has some problems in understanding air signs

Now, have a look at how complicated things are between the Scorpio male with other signs!

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman

Two Scorpio individuals in love share innate understanding and a strong two-way spiritual connection. Born under the same sign, surely they have interests, perspectives, and emotional depths in similar.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean a relationship always ends up happily when two persons with the same sign come together. This pairing can be either good or bad!

Scorpio man and Libra woman

Because the Libra female is too superficial and objective, she usually finds the Scorpio male’s emotions are hard to understand. Besides, his possessiveness and jealousy cannot handle her outgoing, social nature.

Not to mention the way she approaches to commitment really pisses him off; thus, these two have a pretty tough time to make this relationship work.

Scorpio man and Gemini woman

These two individuals are different in every way – he is loyal but she is changeable; he is reserved and private but she’s truly a social butterfly; he is committed but she is unsettled.

This pairing is just impossible; especially Gemini woman is flirtatious whereas Scorpio man is infamous for being jealous most of the time. Together they will deal with a tiring and complex relationship!

In Conclusion

Once you’re ready to be in love with Scorpio man, get prepared for a whirlwind.

Generally, the absolute Scorpio man best match is any of women whose zodiac signs are mentioned above. He seems to have a great romance with the fellow water signs and earth signs.

His ideal mate is definitely someone whom he can trust completely and who stays loyal, honest, and sensual to him. Be a dedicated lover and provide him unbreakable security, and he will never walk away from you.

Can you create a tight bond with him?

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