How Do You Know When A Scorpio Man Is Falling In Love With You?

Based on the zodiac sign that he was born in, every man has his own way of expressing his inner feelings towards the woman he falls for.

This is absolutely no different with a Scorpio man.

Nevertheless, in the early stages, when learning about this guy you will realize that he is not the type of person easy to read; it’s all due to the Scorpio’s mysterious persona and private side in the astrology.

The truth is: the Scorpio male is very passionate, attractive, and charismatic but rarely displays his charms. He is quite an unpredictable, secretive individual, so determining whether or not he has fallen in love can be notoriously hard.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is falling in love with you?

Well, don’t be too worried about that. As the moment you get caught in his eyesight, just relax and wait for his initiative; he will come up with meticulous plans in order to approach you.

10 Sure Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

10 Sure Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

He is a mysterious person because his true feelings run so deep and he keeps his emotions hidden.

Very intuitive, he also enjoys uncovering things under the surface of others. Being born with a determination and loyalty, this guy makes a great spiritual leader. He’s very adaptable and tends to go after what he wants.

1. He will disguise his feelings at first

At the first glance, Scorpio man is characterized as a flirt. But, everything has its own story that you may not know, and so does the Scorpio.

If a Scorpio male likes you, he will tend to ignore or mask his feelings at first.

Born with great self-confidence, this guy has no problem in approaching women with 100% of his lust and flirtatious behavior. Otherwise, when dealing with his emotions, Scorpio becomes extremely secured and guarded.

Because of his nature, he does not want to tell people how he feels. Scorpio will open up only if he is sure about his feelings towards you as well as your feelings to him. Once making sure your love worth his investment, he will then take the initiative.

2. He will test you

Before this guy makes his first move, he needs a period to see if you are truthfully good to him. During this time, he will test you in many ways that you cannot figure out yet.

The ultimate experiment would be a change in his behavior. For example, he will refuse to take control and let you set the pace and dominate the relationship as well, and then comfortably evaluate your character.

He will give you many situations to find out if you give him full attention or not, or if you are trustworthy with his love. Like the Scorpion always hiding deep in the water, this guy will approach his target attentively and quietly.

This guy will, from afar, also watch and observe the way you act in front of others. Treat people with kindness, and you’ll get a sweet look from the Scorpio.

Is it possible to pass all of his tests?

Definitely yes if you know how to love a Scorpio man!

When he reveals that he wants to catch your attention, then this means you already have had a special place in his heart.

3. He will listen to whatever you say attentively

Another sign letting you know a Scorpio man likes you is that he seems to be interested in learning everything from you.

When considering getting involved in a romantic relationship with you, one of his needs is to understand you better. No matter what topic you are saying, he will 100% concentrate on it and join the conversation smoothly.

If the Scorpio you are dealing with gives you his whole attention, then this means he does have special feelings for you.

It’s not easy to hold this guy’s attention unless you are the person he is interested in.

4. He will spend his valuable time with you

This sign has a connection to the first sign – a Scorpio man does not instantly fall in love; instead, he needs quite a long time to figure out his feelings and get to know the woman whom his heart is beating for.

While taking his time to accept the feelings deep inside, he has tendency to be around his love interest. Whether he is busy or not, he will make sure to spend time with you; those periods will help him learn much more about you, your family, your social circle, and so on.

Did you know that Scorpio has a great curiosity for everything in life?

Also, as a cautious person, he requires both the security and safety from you, the one who may be close to him emotionally in the future.

If you want him to completely trust you, then don’t hesitate to display what kind of a person you are. In addition, behave and treat him in a way that he as well as his life can rely on you overall.

Once he sees you as his potential life partner, meaning he is really drawn by you. However, if you make a Scorpio feel that your presence is not good for his emotional state or his life, then there’s no chance to win him over.

Be his support mentally and emotionally, girls!

Among all women, he looks for a partner who will be by his side through ups and downs and give thoughtful advice. In return, a Scorpio lover will try his best to protect you and go to the ends of the earth for you.

5. He will be your protector

A Scorpio man is likely to be protective if liking someone.

He will pamper you in a way that you cannot imagine. When his heart set on you, he’ll do anything to show his protection and care for you. Therefore, if there is any Scorpio man around you acting in a protective way towards you, it’s only because he feels affection for you.

From today, let’s check out his actions when being next to you. For example, see if he really worries when knowing you go home alone at night, or if he wants to help you with all the chores at your house.

Does he express his desire of looking after you?

Never skip all caring gestures of a Scorpio man if you do have feelings for him too.
The Scorpio has a strong instinct in protect the people he loves (family, life partner, etc.)

6. He will be more open to you

As you might know, I already told you that Scorpios, most of them, seem to be cautious and secured over their feelings. Only if someone shows up with the trust and security the Scorpio male needs, he will be open a bit.

If this guy likes you, he will slowly share his things with you at the same time learning about you. Don’t expect a Scorpio to split out the deepest secrets to those who he does not know well.

The moment he reveals stories of his life to you, it means he completely trusts you.

Do not spill a Scorpio’s secrets to others, or he’ll never put down his guard to you again. Most importantly, you shouldn’t take his faith in you lightly as it’s not something easy to gain.

Respect his trust or confidence; otherwise, the Scorpio male will be unable to treat you in the same way like before. He is a sensitive, vengeful man who cannot accept the fact of being betrayed or hurt emotionally.

7. He will make you feel special in his own way

Scorpio man has strong belief in romance and passion; and in love, he is deeply emotional inside. If he does grow special feelings for someone, he can’t stop showing that person his affections.

When getting involved in a relationship with him, he has his own way to make you feel special.

Sometimes he wants to know whether his affections are appreciated or not. In order to do that, he will start with compliments, give you presents, and solve problems for you.

You may find his affections very passionate if the Scorpio is truly keen on you. Deepest at heart, he knows that you are an important, special person to him. This guy tends to notice details related to you that you don’t even know.

8. He will ask you loads of questions

Don’t be scared if getting large amount of questions.

When interested in someone, he has a big curiosity of getting to know everything about that person. By genuinely asking you some inquiries, he can somehow discover your true character and things you’re into.

Also, if Scorpio man has made clear about his feelings to you, he then will want to know if there is mutual interest between you and him.

How to do this? Firstly, he will start talking to you and keep you discussing different topics. A quiet, cozy place where both can be alone will help Scorpio connect with you better and make a deep, meaningful conversation.

Moreover, this man will try to find out whether you and he share anything in common via his loads of questions.

A sly, confident Scorpio man will take the initiative intensively and then gauge your reaction to his affections.

A shy Scorpio will also approach in a flirting way but more subtle. Or, he may choose to refrain from expressing his feelings until you make the first move.

9. He will display signs of jealousy

Influenced by the intensely emotional nature of a Scorpio, no wonder all Scorpio-born individuals are very jealous to the extreme.

The Scorpio male if truly into you will easily get easy once seeing you with other guys; nonetheless, he does not display his jealousy so often.

I recommend you NOT to try to make him feel jealous. Unlike men of other zodiac signs, Scorpio will perceive you as an untrustworthy and unfaithful woman in love and not worth his devotion. Thus, it’s better not to play game with a Scorpio man!

Interestingly, jealousy is also a potential sign exhibiting his feelings and affections for the woman he is into.

Do you see any sign of jealousy from your Scorpio?

If yes, congrats – he likes you!

10. He will become possessive

Like any zodiac sign, Scorpio does have good and bad traits in the characteristics.
Possessiveness is one of negative qualities that will turn out really terrible if Scorpio born ignores to learn to control it.

However, as similar as jealousy, possessiveness coincidently is another sign letting you know how much you mean to him. Hence, do not feel irritated every time he acts possessive unless it exceeds the line.

Things You Should Do If a Scorpio Man Likes You

Things You Should Do If a Scorpio Man Likes You

What to do if you think the Scorpio you are dealing with also has feelings for you?

In this case, you should either take the initiative or think of ways to make him ask you out. When it comes to Scorpio in love, this individual enjoys chasing his target instead of being chased. So, it’s your job to figure out how to get a Scorpio man to pursue you naturally.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make the first move if your love interest is a Scorpio. Still, some born under this astrology sign are introverted and reserved.

If you want to know how to get this guy start chasing you, then check out the helpful tips as below:

1. Observe his body language

Again, do not expect the man of Scorpio honest to his sentiments. Before knowing exactly about your feelings, he does not want to display his inner emotions publicly as it makes him feel like a weak, vulnerable person.

Fortunately, determining a Scorpio’s feelings for someone does not only rely on words alone. The fact is – his body language can tell you more than what you thought.
How to know whether or not he is attracted to you?

The first thing is to watch his mouth: when this guy gazes at you, let’s see if his lips part or maintain the same. Next is to observe what he will do with his hair: Scorpio has a habit of fixing his hair so often if he thinks that you are not looking. When you two have a conversation, keep an eye on where he puts his hands: the hands on his hips show that he is subconsciously a show off person.

It’s not even big deal if Scorpio men in love seem to be ambiguous about their feelings at the initial stage. Your man is just taking the time to evaluate the sentiment he has for you as well as to test how you truly feel about him.

As a man of passion and sensuality, he will also send out several physical signs when being next to the woman he is interested in.

2. Let your scorpio man take the initiative

No matter how charismatic, attractive your Scorpio man is, don’t shower him with your excitement at first. Rather than approaching him, you should be patient and leave the initiative in his hand.

Especially if your man is a confident Scorpio, you are not recommended to start the conversation with him. If he really likes you, he will come close to you using his own methods; this probably gives him a big interest.

However, as you all know, this guy will not make blatant and obvious advances in the beginning.

Figuring out whether a man is into you is a challenge to every woman. The problem is; it’s more challenging if the man you are coping with belong to Scorpio sun sign. Luckily, there are still some possible ways to understand his feelings.

By knowing exactly what to look for, you can dig a lot into a Scorpio’s sentiments.

3. Don’t force him to admit his feelings

Ordinarily, if you know a man likes you and you do fall for him too, you may tempt him to confess his feelings in front of you.

Nevertheless, this way will not work with the Scorpio. When he is set on the spot, he may come with the answer that will not satisfy his woman as this guy doesn’t get used to with putting his heart on the sleeve.

Quite stubborn and powerful in nature, Scorpio man does not want to be controlled in anything yet refuses to take the domination in social situations. Known for his introverted and secretive nature, he always retains a sense of mystery.

Due to his character, he does not willingly expose his true feelings when gets asked.
Instead of forcing him to admit his real sentiments, you should be patient until he is ready to let you know in his own ways. But if you crave to know how he feels about you, a comfortable conversation is a good option.

When talking to a Scorpio, you have to make him feel secured and safe. Ask him a few questions that could help him put down the guard. Significantly, you must create situations allowing him to express his feelings freely. You can discuss with this guy on a variety of different topics as long as he knows that he is still in control.

His answers to your questions will give you clarity of whether he has feelings for you.

In-depth Look of Scorpio Male Traits

In-depth Look of Scorpio Male Traits

When it comes to Scorpio men traits in love, his intensity comes first. The thing is; even though he is extremely intense deep inside, he will never show his desires publicly (especially to people whom he does not trust or not know well).

During the stage of getting to know your Scorpio male, his interest to you is not manifested as obvious as you thought.

In general, this man maintains “an air of mystery”, most of the time.

Once he defines his feelings for you is nothing but love, he then will exhibit different signs which don’t really mean to him but actually show that he is into you. It’s revealed that you have to gather love signs of a Scorpio man and put all together to jump to the conclusion if he likes you for real.

In order to gain a glimpse into his true feelings, you must dig deeper. It takes quite much time to understand this guy; nonetheless, the length of time on this issue depending on which type of Scorpio you are dealing with.

It’s no surprising if your Scorpio has more than one admiring woman behind his back.
So, to avoid losing him to someone else, you need to look for the signs putting on a display exactly. Keep in mind – this is a flirty guy; thus, be open-minded NOT to misinterpret his signs.

Not all Scorpios act the same: some, as I said, are outgoing, sensual, and flirtatious in nature while some seem to be reserved and shy.

Regardless, the moment a Scorpio man feels safe when being with you or can speak up more about himself comfortably, you will realize that he is really different from the person in the first time meeting.

In love, he carries a passion that no one can compare. Besides, when truly falling in love with someone, he will become the most faithful, dedicated partner.

In this article, I’ll give you some indications that could help you find out whether or not he likes you. Check out the following signs to determine if Scorpio man is also interested in you in return.

What are positive traits of Scorpio male?

Talking about positive traits of Scorpio male, Scorpio is an attractive man who gets the confidence only coming from knowing who he truly is. He often spends his time discovering everything about himself. It does not mean he is narcissistic; instead, his curiosity makes him crave to understand what is challenging and perplexing him.

He can be self-actualized to the point that he rarely cares what others think or say about him. In general, a Scorpio man is a very fine man since he owns very elite qualities. His characteristics and passions range from many aspects.

So what are good traits of Scorpio man? 

Like others, he too has distinct traits which mark him differently.

Scorpio-born male is intelligent and possesses an effortless charm. He is able to charm almost all people with his undeniable magnetic and intelligent personality. He can be a great friend – no one enables to keep your secrets better than this guy; if the friendship goes well, he will even carry your hush-hush to the grave.

He’s also extremely calm and collected. When it comes to love relationships, he is passionate; that makes him irresistible as lovers and almost unavoidable.

Let’s have a look at Scorpio positive traits here:

Charming and mysterious – He is the most mysterious of people out there. He is very deep and keeps a good deal of himself hidden, even while he’s pretty good at reading people. His mysteriousness is what makes him charismatic and attractive to women.

Intelligent and emotional – He is notoriously passionate, making him very emotional. This sometimes leads him to take decisions based mainly on his emotions to a situation. But he’s also intelligent; his intelligence can help him step back and look at the problem from a logical perspective and make reasonable decisions.

Ambitious – He has goals to achieve in life, even if he does not tell anyone about that due to his secretive nature. His ambition gives him strength to do whatever he needs to attain all the goals. He does have high standards for himself and people around; he always wants his life to be full of meaning as well as satisfaction.

Scorpio characteristics male in love

One thing about this man is that, when it comes to love, he isn’t interested in playing games. To the Scorpio male, love is a serious matter. If he doesn’t have any feeling for you, he won’t ever pretend that he does.

Genuine feelings are the height of passion and integrity for him, and he yearns to feel everything when involved in a romantic relationship.

He will voluntarily drown himself in the throes of a passionate love affair and enjoy every second of it. Remember, love is always the most serious thing in Scorpio’s life, and it should be the same with you, girls.

Scorpio is hardly a negative sign.

Actually, many of his popular negatives easily translate into positive traits. Passionate, caring, friendly, energetic, and intelligent, what can you expect more than a Scorpio partner?

In Conclusion

So, how to tell if a Scorpio man likes you?

Even though it’s not easy to read a Scorpio, he still leaves some potential signs about liking someone. Generally, most of them will become very cautious and guarded when falling in love, so their signs will be subtle.

This guy will only be honest to his feelings once he feels safe when being next to you. Gain his trust and he will 100% open up to you. Remember NOT to play with his trust, or he will cut off with you like forever.

One sign itself may not be powerful enough to prove his interest for you. But, things will be different once you combine all of the signs above.

Hope this article offered you enough information, helping you understand ways a Scorpio male exhibits his love deeply.

For any question about this topic, simply contact us.


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