How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You

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Look for tips to make Scorpio man want you?

Out of all men in the zodiac, he is the hardest guy to catch due to his mysterious nature.

How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You

However, as it’s hard to read his thoughts and feelings, women are more curious about a Scorpio male in love.

Is it possible to capture his heart?

How to get a Scorpio man to chase you?

The significant key to making him pursuing you is to understand his personality firstly; then, learn how to be more appealing in his eyes.

For deeper understanding, continue reading this article to know exactly the ways approaching and winning him over.

I’ve come up with a list of great tips for making Scorpio man obsessed with you in the following – let’s find out:

Getting Him to Chase You – What to Do?

1. Show your interest in a subtle way

Getting Him to Chase You - What to Do

For ladies who are into a Scorpio guy, it’s important to let him know that you do adore him; the thing is – don’t be too obvious. You better display your feelings discreetly, or he may think of you as an eager lady.

The tip here is to keep his interest with a bit of flirting gestures.

This guy prefers an air of mystery; thus, if you express your sentiment to him passionately, he may get scared and run away.

He wants a confident woman, not someone who keeps acting as she really needs him.

Learn more about signs a Scorpio man likes you to know his behavior in love.

2. Play hard to get

What you should do next once he starts chasing you?

Of course you may want to be responsive; however, the male Scorpio will get bored soon if you response to him immediately. When he texts or calls you, you need to wait for one or two hours before replying.

Let him know that you are actually a busy person having goals and ambitions also.

Be mysterious as much as possible to keep him curious and motivated in getting your attention. Show him that you are an independent person and you can do everything on your own – this absolutely turns him on.

You must hold back when being with a Scorpio.

Let him step forward!

3. Show your weak side

This tactic works for almost all men – the first instinct of a man is to protect a woman, isn’t it?

So, how to get a Scorpio man to fall in love with you?

Remember to show him you how much you need him and his assistance as well. If he does have a huge crush on you, helping you will be a part of his chase: he will willingly fix your broken car or assist you with whatever you are in need of.

Though this guy’s ideal type is an independent woman, he still wants to ensure your safety and security.

In addition, he would love if you ask him to teach you any thing.

Relying on him is also one of best ways of making him miss you deeply.

4. Take care of your appearance

If you want to attract a male Scorpio, don’t ignore your looks.

Wear something sexy but not too revealing. Rather than putting on clothes showing too much skin, you must consider an elegant dress emphasizing on your curves. The less skin he gets to see, the better.

Let him wonder what you’ve got under the appealing outfit.

When you get dressed, please put some of your confidence on. Make use of your strength and own it. Keep in mind – he doesn’t want things too easy for him.

Similarly, the female Scorpio also pays attention to the way a man dresses; therefore, make sure you dress nicely to leave a good impression. Check out more signs Scorpio woman likes you!

5. Do things that he surely likes

Don’t know how to tempt your Scorpio man precisely?

Why don’t you tell him about your dates with friends where you are going to do something he may be into. For example, if you know he likes surfing, then mention you are planning to go surfing on the weekend with your best buddies.

The key is not to invite him.

Simply let him know what your upcoming plans are. He’ll get excited once found out you two share any thing in common; later, he may actually suggest going with you. Find out more about Scorpio man after a breakup by clicking here.

Probably this article is exactly what you need when it comes to getting a Scorpio man to chase after you. With this guy, remember not to give in too much.

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