How To Make A Scorpio Man Miss You Deeply (With 12 BEST Tips)

How long does it take a male Scorpio to fall in love and comfortably talk about love?

He is known for his intensity, passion, and a great need to be loved. If you are dating with a guy of Scorpio zodiac sign, this may be one of your deepest and memorable experiences.

But, is making a Scorpio man miss you like crazy possible?

In order to make him want and love you more, understanding his personality type is a must.

As you know, when it comes to relationships, he barely shows his emotions; it’s not that your Scorpio man does not love you, rather he has no idea in expressing his inner. At the beginning of a love relationship, almost all girls do want to get the utmost attention from their partners.

What about you?

Do you want to know how to make your lover fall for you more?

The answer is – do not be anything but truthful with him, and do not play games. Scorpio may find it hard to trust people and takes love seriously; but once he finds a lady he is truly into, he will do anything to keep her and treasure her like diamond.

So, how to make a Scorpio man miss you?

Just make sure you are honest and not sarcastic or aggressive, or you’ll end up pushing him away. A Scorpio man in love will fully trust his woman and be committed. Generally, he is very passionate, but getting his passion is not easy.

How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You?

How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You

So, you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man and want to make him miss you badly.

Surely you’ve come to the right place! Though he is affectionate in love, it’s not easy for him to really open up due to his trust issues. But no need to worry as you are able to keep him interested once doing the right trick.

How to do you make a guy miss you badly?

Let’s find out!

#1: Be a smart, intellect woman

As you may know, your Scorpio man is highly intelligent and really into intellectual conversations. Rather than beauty, the smartness is the very first quality he seeks in a woman.

Show him that you are knowledgeable and can keep up with his talks. Widen your knowledge of different topics and then join in his discussions. State your opinions confidently and he’ll get impressed for sure.

#2: Don’t focus too much on your look

Who does not like pretty ladies, right?

However, I advised you not to pay most of your time on the look because it’s not what makes a Scorpio man interested. He loves to see a lovely and beautiful woman, but to have a relationship with her is another thing.

How do you keep a Scorpio man interested?

Upgrading your appearance won’t work in this case obviously!

#3: Compliment him & be indirect

Hello, you are dealing with the Scorpio male.

He enjoys hearing your compliments; this somehow can soothe and stroke his ego. When you are not around to pamper him with all the sweet words, he will certainly miss you so bad.

Treat this mysterious man with some mysteries: be subtle with the praises in order to let him guess whether it’s about him or not. He would love if you can send him some sweet love texts in addition.

Don’t mind telling good things about him sincerely!

#4: Don’t be exaggerated

You can compliment anything regarding your Scorpio guy but remember not to go overboard. For example, it’s not a good idea to praise him every minute or every hour as he might soon get annoyed.

Also, frequently showering him in compliments will make him feel like you are quite a needy person.

#5: Let him take the lead

In case you are dating a Scorpio, keep in mind your man prefers taking the lead in the relationship. Follow his pace and he will try his best to satisfy you.

If you are having an eye on a Scorpio, then figure out ways of make a Scorpio man to chase you. Don’t bring your interest on the surface immediately; instead, give him hints about your feelings so that he can be certain before making the move.

#6: Don’t always be available

Another tip for a guy craving you more is making yourself unavailable at times.

Whenever he calls or texts you, just do not reply instantly; or, you may seem needy in his eyes. It’s better to make him wait sometimes. Don’t be afraid to play hard to get since Scorpio man is likely to get obsessed with those having an air of mystery.

He will become bored soon if you keep showing up around.

#7: Don’t be easy

This guy will lose his interest in you right away once he knows you are too easy to get. The key to keep a Scorpio man by your side is to never let the excitement fade away; it’s good if you can give him challenge, or he will stop the chase.

During the conversation, do not reveal everything about you at once. You need to hold back and that will drive his curiosity crazy.

#8: Never try to pin him down

For sure he will never remember a woman who tries to tame or control him most of the time. He looks for a confident and independent partner, not the dominating one.

If you are with a Scorpio man, then let him take the lead instead of being dominating in the relationship. As I said earlier, he loves to be the person setting the pace because it makes he feel like you trust and rely on him.

#9: Don’t tell lie

How do I get my Scorpio man back?

If you have hurt him before and are figuring a way to bring him back, then keep in mind that trust is everything to a Scorpio. He finds it hard to trust anyone; especially after all you’ve done to him, it’s important to strengthen his trust for you at first.

It’s an unwise move if you tell lie because he is capable of detecting lies in almost a few seconds. Unless you want him to put aside all his feelings for you, you’re better not lying him anymore.

When it comes to love, the Scorpio dude is serious and expects a long-term committed relationship; thus, never think of playing games with his sensitive heart.

#10: Show your sincerity

When a Scorpio man wants you back, you need to show him your sincerity in return.

There is no good way to win his heart but displaying the honesty and sincerity. He will absolutely appreciate if you are dedicated in cooking a homemade meal just for him, even though you are not a good cook.

Be protective of him, pamper him, and take a good care of him whenever he feels in need of; this show how much you are really sincere to your Scorpio.

Look for a good time and tell him how you feel deep inside!

Don’t try confessing too often or the guy will be turned off.

#11: Spend less time for him

If you want a Scorpio man to miss you, then don’t show up next to him constantly.

Maybe being with him on the weekend is an ideal option. Take that occasion to let him see what is special about you, and it’s also a good chance for you to gain in-depth insight into his behavior in love as well.

You can invite him to take part in fun activities together. It’s a good idea if both of you have a little adventure to the nature or amusement park where you can occasionally make him laugh a lot.

But rather than being around him 24/7, you should give him time to miss you.

#12: Be serious

Once getting involved with a Scorpio man romantically, please take it seriously and never play games. He looks for a relationship built to last and long-term commitment, so don’t take his feelings for granted.

Because of that, it’s hard for him to fall in love immediately. He needs quite a long time to consider whether or not you’re worth his investment.

If you really want to be with this guy, then prove to him you are a reliable person who he can settle with in life forever. Gaining his trust is the most significant thing and make sure that you always support him whenever he needs.

Understanding a Scorpio Man in Love

Understanding a Scorpio Man in Love

How do you make a Scorpio man fall in love with you?

This guy is extremely possessive and suspicious. He also has a curious nature and will not hesitate in questioning you about anything.

However, deep inside, he is very sensitive indeed and hates being vulnerable; that’s why he cannot trust anyone else easily. Although popular for being passionate, he is rarely promiscuous. You will be extremely lucky if he is really into you.

A love relationship with a Scorpio will be quite intense and extreme as he has high qualities – demanding affection and reassurance of your love for him. It likes a roller-coaster ride, yet you will certainly have a happy ending.

Talking about tips of making a Scorpio male miss you, you have to take advantage of “intellect attraction.”

This is the kind of attraction that can make not only Scorpio but also other guys like you, want you, and have to be near you. Using this way, combining both your mind and heart, can lead your romance to involvement, intimacy, and commitment.

Below are few steps in making a man want you and miss you that could go a long way in building any tip of relationship:

  • Once having a conversation, listen to what Scorpio man is saying and be interested. Relax and hold an intelligent talk with him. If you can keep up the conversation, he is more willing to talk to you again.
  • If he walks away, do not cling and act calmly rather. This is just a test as he wants to see whether you’ll freak or not. In case you let him go freely, he will be back right before you know it.

During the progress of making a Scorpio man miss you, keep in mind that this guy appreciates a little flirtation but you should avoid overdoing it. Men like to chase, so don’t make it too easy yet don’t make it too tough either.

Guide to Love a Scorpio Man

Guide to Love a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is sexy, passionate, intuitive, mysterious, sensitive, and fierce. Of all the zodiac symbols, this guy is one of the most secretive people out there. When it comes to romance, he always has an underlying need for true love and fulfillment.

The Scorpios are usually considered as the most loyal and determined people; also, they’re very intense and not hesitant to ask questions.

#1: How to unravel his emotions and win his heart?

A Scorpio man in love is not the kind that is easily swayed by a pretty face, and there’s no way he’s attracted to a fake woman. He is, instead, seeking for a breathtakingly gorgeous lady who’s confident and intelligent. She must have a stable career and a respectable personality, as well as a bright attitude so that she can capture his attention even in crowded places.

Since Scorpio interests in adventure – he needs a partner who’s adventurous and able to put up somewhat intense relationship.

The ones who try hard to play games are definitely NOT his ideal type.

How to capture his heart:

  • Never ignore a Scorpio man if he gives you attention
  • Think before your speak since he’s quite sensitive
  • Don’t insult or say anything hurtful
  • Don’t criticize his friends since he’s loyal
  • Take him seriously and never lie to him
  • When he’s talking, make sure you listen to him carefully
  • Show your devotion and don’t take him for granted

#2: What are Scorpio’s general love traits in a romance?

He can be extremely possessive to his extraordinary woman; however, he’ll do anything for her, especially when it comes to emotions, he’ll give her his shoulder to lean on.

A Scorpio man is not afraid to take on the challenge of a confident woman – he loves girls who are able to take care of themselves without the stabilization from a man. Rather then getting angry or bothered with each other, Scorpio prefers to talk through a problem straightforwardly and calmly with his partner.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Scorpio Man

Pros and Cons of Dating a Scorpio Man

Scorpio, October 24th – November 22nd, is a zodiac sign that has many interesting characters.

Men born under this sign possess numerous strengths that no one can compare with, like intelligence, determination; however, like anyone, they do have bad traits. Let’s discuss pros and cons of a Scorpio man when it comes to heart matters.

In the astrology, Scorpio is the one-and-only star sign ruled by two planets – Mars and Pluto. The typical character of a Scorpio-born male is the mystery; it’s hard to predict what he is thinking inwardly.

However, when involved in a relationship, this guy is extremely straightforward and sincere. He loves deeply and hates deadly, maybe very intolerant and cold. He’s determined; no wonder he knows his life goals well.

When a Scorpio man has any interest in you, he will have a straight talk with you about his feelings without any hesitation. He can be either sweet and gentle to you or angry and vengeful towards people around him.

Having Scorpio man as a lover…

Is it true that Scorpios often have ‘hard relationships’?

It’s not that they have difficult relationships; actually, it’s just because people misunderstand them a lot of times. The Scorpio man does not fall in love easily; however, when he does, he falls deeply. As a sign of intensity, he takes the relationship seriously and honestly. Also, he is quite sensitive and emotional, since his sign is ruled by fixed Water element – no wonder he tends to get hurt easily.

He is, generally, very committed and faithful; the thing is, reaching the loving level of this guy is a tough challenge. Do you have enough patience and persistence?

This guy is said to be extremely passionate and decisive when falling in love. If he realizes that you are not the compatible partner, he will stop the dating period in the decisive way. Then, he will continue preparing a new plan and get ready to involve in a new romantic relationship.

In the fearless and possessive mood, he’s not afraid of manifesting the feelings as well as gaining new experiences with the potential mates. He can do whatever he wants to accomplish his predetermined goals.

On the negative side, Scorpio individuals are known for being tenacious, secretive, short-tempered, and vengeful. If any conflict and argument arises during the dating time, don’t be afraid to push your options to your lover as he is very mulish.

Keep in mind not to dig for his secrets in the initial phase of dating, ok?

Astrologically, Mr. Scorpio is highly compatible with the signs of Water and Earth elements, including Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini, and fellow Scorpio. By understanding the pros and cons of Scorpio man, you can have the answer for lots of questions about his natures.

In a Nutshell

Not all Scorpio men are similar; actually, each of them is different.

No matter how the tricks and details about things you get about how to make Scorpio man misses you, the primary idea here is that you should understand his personality deeply, uncover his secrets and learn how to turn him on in a relationship.

By that, you will soon fully get him to be obsessed with you.

Very popular among women, Scorpio man is the kind of lover that you should never let go. With an alluring energy surrounding, he is the guy that you always wish to have in life (at least once).

How do Scorpio acts when they miss you?

You will see that he is calm and confident. Despite how much he is interested in you, he will behave comfortable around you. Not to mention that he is very attractive, so not really surprising when a woman can easily fall in love with him.

Please show your persistence even when a Scorpio man hurts you. Don’t back off right away if he didn’t give immediate response; instead, you should try harder to let him feel your sincerity.

Most importantly, approach him slowly so that he can gradually grow his feelings on you. He will get away if you are in a rush and try to force him to love you back.

Get ready to know more about this fantastic guy?

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