Top 7 Signs A Scorpio Woman Likes You For Real

She is a whirlwind of crazy chaos
But she is so damn passionate, that she is worth it.

When a Scorpio says that they are in love, it means a never ending love. If you are lucky enough to become their partner, they will love you until the end of time.

When it comes to feelings, they do NOT play – whether the feeling is good or bad, what they feel is very real.

But then, how to tell if she has feelings for you?

Let’s discuss signs a Scorpio woman likes you in this article!

Check 7 Signs a Scorpio Woman Falls for You

Check 7 Signs a Scorpio   Woman Falls  for You

What are signs a Scorpio female is interested in you?

According to the astrologists, the female Scorpio has a deep, mysterious beauty. She is magnetic and incredibly confident – no wonder a lot of men get attracted by this woman easily. Nonetheless, when it comes to love relationship, it’s hard to read her mind as she’s an emotional person who’s good at hiding true feelings.

Then how is it possible to know if she is thinking of you or not?

If she stares at you from across a crowded room, yup, you are on her love radar. Her intense gaze will make you feel like you are the only person around. She might seem standoffish at first, but this girl won’t waste her valuable time making small talk with anyone she is not truly into.

You will realize a Scorpio likes you because she keeps asking you tons of questions, wondering about your friends, watching your life, making suggestions, helping you do a lot of stuff, and researching you.

She will mention about what kind of relationship works and list the reasons. Plus, she will show her love via her actions and often provoke you in a loving way. Generally, she tends to notice everything related to you and privately do full research to get to know you better.

Below, you’ll find a list of signs a Scorpio likes you in detail which will give you more insight on how she would act when falling in love.

Let’s have a look:

1. Get to know you through questions

When it comes to love affair, Scorpio woman prefers the chase and mystery. She in fact has many inquiries to her love interest; yet, she wants to discover them without getting blunt answers.

She likes to ask everything about the heart matters.

A typical Scorpio is extremely cold with people whom she is not interested. Thus, if you find a female Scorpio suddenly asks you not-so-important questions related to romance, even though you are not a love counselor, this means she loves you.

2. Do the love test

If Scorpio woman has feelings for you, she will do some tests to see whether or not you really care about her. Commonly she will try to disappear and then check if you sincerely want to find her back, for instance.

Or, she will pretend to be someone else sending you sweet words through texts; this helps her determine how faithful you are. This lady even intentionally argues with you over an issue to know if you could hurt her feelings when angry.

As time goes by, more tests will be given with different levels of difficulty.

If you can successfully get through all, then congratulations, you finally win over the Scorpio’s heart.

3. Display loving actions

Is it true that a Scorpio woman likes to be chased?

Actually the answer is no!

Although she is the woman, please take a look at her actions when involved in a romantic relationship. Many often say that simply observe how a Scorpio acts and you can tell exactly her feelings for you.

To the female Scorpio, action is stronger than words.

Do not be sad if she does not confess that she likes you; instead, pay close attention to how she usually behaves when being with you. Stop asking her something like, “Do you likes me,” she will be quite disappointed.

Why? After all of her actions showing how much she likes you, and you still don’t realize.

4. Only concentrate on you

A clear sign letting you know a Scorpio woman is into you is when she only has you in her eyes. Once she feels a great connection with you, then she will be open up and spend her private time with you.

If the Scorpio gets attracted to you, she will definitely want to learn more about you. In addition, she is a good listener as she won’t mind listening to whatever you talk to her.

When having the special feeling for someone else, the female Scorpio finds it hard to keep that feeling to herself. That’s the reason she will directly show her heart to you.
This is her own way of catching your attention too!

Did you know that staring at someone is one of the signs of the love at first sight?
Apparently, a Scorpio woman in love couldn’t stop looking into your eyes. It’s another way of making you want to get to know her.

Is she afraid or shy when staring at you?

Not really! The truth is; she only does that if she really, really likes you. Hence, when this lady looks deeply into your eyes, remember to remain your cool. This helps her know that you also fall for her.

The more the Scorpio looks at you, the more you are interested in her.

5. Support and encourage you via text messages

If having a liking for you, this woman will agree to exchange ordinary messages with you in the first time meeting. Gradually, you will realize a change in her way of texting. Of course this only happens if she falls for you.

What is the change?

The Scorpio female seems to reply to your messages faster than before.

Moreover, she will frequently start the virtual conversation and send you support, encourage and compliments through text. Or, even though you don’t ask, she still tells you where she is currently.

Well, a Scorpio gives much affection once in love because she wants you to know that she only cares about you.

It’s one of her ways showing that she likes you without saying.

6. Reveal her personal things

Another thing you should take note when it comes to signs a Scorpio woman likes you is the depth of her conversation.

As I said earlier, since liking you, she will make as many questions as possible to figure out your life on the surface level. Nevertheless, this lady will slowly shove deeper and bring more intense topics into the conversation.

Scorpio woman knows really well how to make things more personal between you and her.

At the initial stage of a relationship, she will open up private stories regarding her life; meanwhile, she expects the same from you. With a strong sense of intuition, she can tell whether you are reliable and well-trusted.

Be careful with things to say to a Scorpio woman!

Also, the female, by showing her openness, ensures that you can completely trust her. This is the sign of Scorpio woman likes you.

7. Get jealous easily

Is your Scorpio woman ignoring you recently?

The only reason is – because she feels jealous. Did she see you get close with other girls or didn’t you pick up her phone?

Once getting to know more about the female Scorpio, you will feel that she can easily become jealous at any time. Her jealousy might seem unreasonable; however, it’s all because she is truly into you.

With strong possessiveness, she also does not want you to be with anyone else other than her. The best option to deal with her jealousy is to give her the attention she deserves. Do anything to make her feel special and directly tell her how you really feel about her.

Additionally, learn about the Scorpio woman likes and dislikes to avoid making her jealous. If the issue is too much to handle, please have a serious talk with her and help her become more patient.

Things to Know about Scorpio Woman

Things to Know about Scorpio Woman

When it comes to the female Scorpio traits, there are a lot of things to discuss.

Scorpio woman is an intense, serious creature. If you are around her enough, you can even see the intensity in her eyes; but at the same time, she is fragile and sometimes feels alone.

She needs stability in someone who is as loyal and protective as she is with the strength to stick around. Though she is a terrifying, strange, and beautiful creature that most men desire, she is not the person that everyone knows how to love.

The Scorpio is, definitely, not the type approaching love quickly as she takes it extremely thoughtful. She will love you hard and fiercely once she determines that you deserve her trust and investment.

Many seem to be very jealous with her beauty and irresistible mystery. Nevertheless, deep inside she has strength and determination of a typical man. This is the woman always displaying her charm with pride.

1. She has discreet innermost feelings

As a water sign, the Scorpio female is very sensitive, introverted and private. Her inner life is a series of intense and passion. However, she chooses to keep her sentiments for herself only, not revealing a bit.

This lady is sharp-minded and incredibly intuitive. She has a big love for nature and art, also. In love, she is passionate and loyal, as well as has a great desire for sex.

Once starting a romantic relationship, Scorpio woman’s ultimate concerns are long-term commitment and marriage. She believes that love is something intense, passionate and long-lasting.

If finding the true partner, she will stay in a relationship forever.

2. She has a mysterious look

At the first sight, you’ll get impressed by the beauty of a Scorpio woman. Charming and full of pride, she is the combination of mystery and feminine. Just with a look and she can attract all the men. Never expect a Scorpio to chase someone else as she knows exactly the value of her charm.

According to Linda Goodman, a renowned astrologer, the Scorpio is, in certain aspects, a witch. It seems like she is gifted with a sixth sense allowing her to read the mind of others in the first time meeting.

No one can resist her fascinating charms.

Thanks to the extraordinary intuition, the female Scorpio seems to gain clarity into each person. So, don’t dare to plan something behind her back, nothing can be slipped out of her eyes.

Rest assured with her choice. She never goes wrong with her evaluation of people – this lady always knows exactly who she needs to watch out for.

3. She is extremely passionate

Scorpio woman is so cool and calm exterior; however, she is full of enthusiasm on the inside. To her, the definition of “passionate” means much more than what people have already known before.

She has such strong, intense feelings for everything surrounding: either love passionately or hate madly.

If you are looking for a zodiac friend whom you can completely trust, the Scorpio will come in the first place. She is good at keeping secrets – tell her your deepest stories comfortably as she will never reveal them.

Simultaneously, she also uses the same attitude with her own secrets.

Remember that this lady has hidden corners that no one can access, no matter who that person is. She tends to evaluate and treat people differently. For example, she will respect and admire those she thought they are strong; on the other hand she even will not keep an eye on the weak.

Understanding a Scorpio Woman in Love

Understanding a Scorpio Woman in Love

Always wearing her poker face, how to tell if a Scorpio woman likes you?

This mysterious lady tends to display a plethora of obvious and clear emotions through her enigmatic eyes. Once she is interested in you, she won’t hesitate to jump into the deepest pool of emotions and quickly put you on her ‘radar’.

At first, it might hard for her to acknowledge that she actually has feelings for someone. She seems to be watchful, quiet, and secretive outwardly. However, she actually takes her time testing your loyalty to decide if she should fall in love with you.

When she’s totally into you, she will stop at absolutely nothing to make you her own.

Her intentions are clear at this stage and her feelings are even clearer, up to the point in which she could get hurt terribly.

Never leave a scar on her heart – due to her nature and the depth of her pain, she can be your worst enemy. Only the luckiest is blessed to have a Scorpio woman fall in love with.

In the following are two prominent Scorpio woman traits in love:

1. Scorpio woman can sacrifice for the loved one

Despite the strong personality, Scorpio woman will let her man take the lead in the relationship.

When getting married, she will choose to stay behind yet contribute everything she has to help her husband achieve his goals. The Scorpio wife never blames her partner for anything or scolds him in front of outsiders, even when she is not in the right mood.

Instead of exploding her anger, she will hold back her frustration and ask for a serious talk between the couple. Nonetheless, she always protects you in front of everyone.

Scorpio female is willing to endure hardships as long as she can help her husband’s career. She can even do a lot of things for you if she truly loves you.

For example, this woman does not mind leaving the comfortable home and goes with her husband to a remote workplace with no convenience. Not yet, she will to cut off the spending if the husband’s income is lower than expected.

2. Scorpio woman is jealous and suspicious

As you all know, this is the lady well-known for her jealousy and possessiveness. She really has trust issues. Once she finds out that you have cheated on her, get ready to face her anger.

Believe me; you surely don’t want to experience how her revenge is like, especially if you are a wise man.

Actually, she is very jealous and tends to act distant. But, the Scorpio herself does not like if someone acts jealously towards her. Getting over jealousy is difficult, and much harder for this female.

Betrayal will freeze her heart. No matter what the reason is, never try to retaliate against a Scorpio because she is always the winner. Instead, you should be kind to her, and the reward will be very valuable.

In general, understanding a Scorpio woman and her love signs is a good way to help you determine whether you should pursue her or not:

What Scorpio Woman Expects from a Man?

The Scorpio woman is gifted with a sharp mind and strong intuition.

She’s smart and intelligent, as well as appreciates truth. Whatever she plans to do, she does it with all her heart and soul and makes sure that she accomplishes the best result with all her efforts.

About her social circle, Scorpio doesn’t like the idea of pleasing people around her.

Although she has lots of friends because of her charismatic personality, she only feels comfortable sharing her feelings with a few companions.

She’s always looking for a partner who respects her and loves her endlessly for exactly who she is. She needs someone who can give her an honest response instead of those who simply agree with her since they think that’s what she wants to hear.

Also, a strong, confident, and loyal individual who enables to reveal some of her little insecurities and secrets – the female Scorpion wants a man who’s unhesitant to support her and listen attentively.

As her boyfriend, don’t be weak around her because she hates weakness.

Why You Should Love a Scorpio Woman?

Why You Should Love a Scorpio Woman?

Scorpio is among the Water zodiac signs with Cancer and Pisces, and people born between 23rd October and 21st November are called Scorpions. Since being ruled by this astrological sign, most Scorpions have different personalities – some are ruthless and spiteful, some are independent and impartial, and others are weak.

In the zodiac chart, Scorpio lady is considered as the most mysterious and sexiest person. When dealing with any issue, she only concentrates on the main matter and keep unnecessary things away. She doesn’t want to be taken lightly, she likes to be in control what she’s doing, and she craves to understand everything as well.

Are you curious about the best traits of Scorpio woman?

If you are seeking a truly loyal companion, look for no one but a Scorpio female friend. Seriously, she’s extremely loyal – this buddy believes in you so much that she can even sacrifice herself for you.

  • She is a great emotional communicator
  • She’s very sensitive but good at keeping all the feelings inside
  • She plays an interesting and dynamic role in any relationship
  • She is a risk-taker who likes to try out anything

Aside from her beauty, she’s known for having great capacity for kindness, true desire to do well in the world, and ability to connect with people who are in pain. When you combine all Scorpio female qualities, this girl may actually be one of the kindest, nicest, and most good-natured person on earth. In love relationship, once Scorpio woman falls in love with you, she’ll dedicate her whole life to you.

Are you searching for a passionate mate who won’t be hesitant to make long-lasting commitment? Look no further than a Scorpio queen!

Wrap it up

So, all the signs above are the reflection of how a Scorpio woman behaves when falling for you.

Your connection with her could turn terrible at the moment she finds out that all of her efforts are just a game to you. Thus, never play with her sensitive heart, or you can’t imagine what will happen to you then. Treat this lady with respect as her feelings for you are always genuine.

She’ll try to express her sentiments to you in the cutest ways.

Wondering signs a Scorpio woman likes you?

Well, she will completely pursuit you when having feelings for you. She loves hard and makes you feel special, adored, loved and needed most of the time.

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