Known for being very shy, reserved and mysterious, how do men of Scorpio zodiac sign express love? What are they like in love? If a Scorpio has feelings for someone, he loves to know everything about that person (likes, dislikes and even secrets). However, this guy always tends to act secretive himself. How to tell if a Scorpio man loves you then?

The first impression to men of this sign is – they’re pretty flirtatious.

For that reason, women that are dating the Scorpio often wonder whether they take the relationship seriously or just being flirty. How do you know when a Scorpio man is falling in love with you? In order to clear up the mystery inside the mind of a Scorpio in love, then you should take a detailed look at his personality.

Scorpio Man Personality Traits

First and foremost, he is very competitive and loves to win in every situation. Failure is, on the other hand, never in the Scorpio male’s vocabulary. If he sets eyes on something or someone, he won’t stop trying until getting what he desires. Since resistance is not his thing, he will immediately approach you once being captivated.

Unlike his cool behavior, this guy is loyal, up to the extreme point, to his woman. He won’t mind becoming your reliable protector in public as well as defending you against any conflict. Once he determines you are the right one, he will be the best partner that you ever have. Yet, because of his loyalty, Scorpio man has a tendency to be jealous and obsessive in romantic relationships.

In that case, how to deal with his jealousy?

He may get suspicious and dramatic if the woman he loves is not as loyal and sincere as him. Shower him the same degree of loyalty to avoid him becoming too emotional further.

Scorpio Man And Love Relationship

What to remember when got involved in a relationship with a Scorpio male?

He takes nothing lightly, especially when it comes to love. For this man, everything has to be the best even him and his lady. The woman who is independent, adventurous, intelligent, emotional and understanding and has a great passion can attract the Scorpio easily. Most importantly, he must be the one to take the lead in the relationship. He will be the most romantic and passionate lover to the true partner.

Beside Taurus, Scorpio is also considered as the most sensual sign. Making love with a Scorpio man is intensely passionate and lustful. Without any thought, he connects to you physically and shows you the art of lovemaking. His sensual nature will definitely amaze you.

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Signs a Scorpio Man Loves You

Signs a scorpio man loves you.

According to, men born under Scorpio zodiac sign can make good husbands in life. Let’s find out the reasons!

Trustworthy – He is the man that women can rely on. If he takes you really seriously and looks for a committed relationship, he’ll be a loyal, dedicated and trustworthy partner. Have a warm, sensitive approach towards him and he’ll be yours forever. However, take him for granted and his sting will show up.

Emotional – He may appear calm and cool, but underneath his intense look is a sensitive, emotional and moody person. Like other Water signs, he is the true expert of hiding his true feelings. With this trait, how do Scorpio men act when in love? He will try to control his dramatic, negative emotions. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can ignore his feelings.

Possessive – He is, above all, extremely possessive. This man is also suspicious if sensing something wrong. He will even drive you into a corner in order to question you about anything Remember that he has a strong intuition, helping him detect lies and prevarications. If you do not stay true to him, he will of course very jealous. A committed, loving and supportive lady is all a Scorpio expects.

Demanding – Lack of secure, no surprising if Scorpio male demands great affection and reassurance of love from you. Be faithful to him and you’ll have no issue in engaging in whatever you are interested in. The key to win over his heart is that you have to be honest, sincere, caring and understanding.


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Signs Of How To Tell A Scorpio Man Loves You

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If you’re a person who is in love with a Scorpio man, then it’s time to experience a lot of spice and variety in life. Your lover is not the timid person as you thought. If he has anything in mind, he will not hesitate in talking to you. Sometimes, it likes you’re going through lots of emotional highs and lows. Others may think of Scorpio male as a bland person; in fact, he’s not bored at all.

Guess what?

Your romantic relationship could be exciting and fascinating with a Scorpio partner. He can be very fun and at the same time also incredible harsh. Who said loving this man would be easy?

Here are some things you should know about how Scorpio man express his love:

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    • He becomes shy

To his friends and other people, he is outgoing. However, when it comes to the woman he is in love with, Scorpio man will become reserved and quiet. Well, don’t think as he doesn’t want to be with you privately. Actually, it’s more like he tries to mask his affection to you. He is nervous to have a face-to-face conversation with you because he has no idea what to say to you. The more time he sees you, the more confident and secure he will be.

But before he is open up and show you his true colors, he is very quiet.

Be patient and he will confess his feelings to you once he feels right.

    • He shows his disappearing acts

Similar to Capricorn, this Scorpio guy usually experiences mood swings. There are times when he becomes very moody and confused – this makes him think that he is not really into you. For example, he normally texts and calls you very often and then suddenly he disappears for several days.

Does this mean he is no longer in love with you?

Relax, girls! This is his normal behavior. He is either figuring out his true feelings or really going through something that he has no time to discuss to you. When he acts confused, you must be patient. The Scorpio is not good at manifesting his feelings or problems; especially he rarely tells his loved one things he has to go through.

If he still loves you, he will not disappear forever. Wait for him and he will come back whenever he’s ready.

    • He always suggests helping you

How to tell if a Scorpio man really loves you? He will encourage you in pursuing your dream and want you to success at it. As a very ambitious person, he easily gets attracted to women who also have great ambitions in life. In a love relationship, this man will try his best to help you achieve what you desire to do. Obviously, he also expects you to support him working on his life goals in return.

A perfect match of the Scorpio is a strong, independent woman.

    • He will tell you

If what he feels about you is right, you are his meant-to-be, he will just go to see you and tell how he really feels. Don’t freak out! He only does this as he wants to affirm that you are his and he will do anything to win you over. In case he doesn’t confess yet, he is either nervous and shy or trying to working out his feelings.


He is, in general, the most romantic and passionate guy who is able to give you the best protection and most sincere love.

So now, what to do if you want to know whether a Scorpio man loves you?

Well, just go up to him and ask whether he likes you or not straightforwardly, he may tell you that. Keep in mind that he is not the person that will give you a confession in public because it will make him look like a poor guy desperate for love. Since he is an observant individual, he finds interested in staring at the girl he loves more than the others, even if there is no smile on his face. With a single glance, he enables to differentiate what kind of people. However, if he takes time to look at you, he definitely sees you as a special person.


Advice On Dating Scorpio Man

Advice on Dating Scorpio Man

Particularly, a romantic relationship with a Scorpio can give you an intense passion. It may take a long time to break his ‘tough guy’ shell. Yet, you will have a devoted, loyal and caring lover as a reward. The only problem is that, due to his severe loyalty, Scorpio male is prone to be jealous and oppressive towards his partner.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when dating the Scorpio.

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  • A confident, independent woman who has an air of mystery around her can grab this guy’s attention.
  • He is not the type expressing his love verbally, so don’t be disappointed if you rarely hear the phrase ‘I love you’ from him. Despite of that, he assures that you will feel love and protection frequently.
  • He loves hearing compliments, especially from his woman. So, as Scorpio male’s partner, you should show support for your man in both his private and public life.
  • The man of Scorpio sign does not trust anyone easily. If you want to capture his heart, first showing him how reliable you are.
  • You have to be courageous to deal with this emotional, dramatic guy.

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  • He will get annoyed if you become completely controlling or submissive. Never take the lead when being together with a Scorpio.
  • He was born as the dominator or natural leader, so it would be an unwise move if you threaten his authority.
  • He takes love very seriously in spite of his flirty nature. Therefore, do not play games with him or he will take revenge on you.
  • He is a private person, so public displays of affection are the big no. Thus, he prefers to keep intimate details of his relationship behind the door.
  • He is the man of honesty and sincerity; also, he wants his woman to always stay truthful to him. Very intuitive, he can see clearly through any of your lie.


Scorpio man is the most loyal partner to live with – do not lose him!

Love compatibility for Scorpio man:

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  • Signs having high compatibility rates – Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and fellow Scorpio
  • Signs having low compatibility rates – Aries, Gemini and Taurus


A Guide To Today 2017 Scorpio Love Horoscope

You seem to have an unsolved puzzle but your loved one has no interested in unraveling it with you. Based on the cosmic energy that is focusing in your romantic field right now, you are trying to force your significant other. The advice for you is to give the one you love several days to pay attention to the relationship. If your love is meant to be, it will be. No need to worry!

Today’s matches for a Scorpio:

Love: Cancer
Career: Aries
Friendship: Pisces

In conclusion, Scorpio man in love is warm and generous, but at the same time he can also be possessive and suspicious. Whether he’s in positive moods or negative, it depends on how you understand him. If you can’t keep up with what is going on inside a Scorpio’s mind, simply ask him using his own terms to explain. Keep this in mind – what you treat your Scorpio lover is what you will get in return.

Interestingly, most Scorpios don’t like girls that run after them. Instead, they prefer to do the chasing since they love what’s called challenge. For any question related to the topic here, simply contact us.