Top 5 Truths about Loving a Scorpio Man You Need to Know

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What are truths about loving a Scorpio man? Firstly, love is PASSION for this guy. You think the love that Hollywood has put on films is the most intense, deep, passionate and burning? Well, that in fact can’t compete with how your Scorpio feels about you. No romance novel can compare, also. If you are dating, in love with, or married to a Scorpio man, consider yourself lucky.

Facts about Loving a Scorpio Man

Once in love with someone, he wants to know that person’s very soul. Since you two have been together, whether in the short or long time, you’ve probably learned few things about him. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, or Virgo, maybe what you love most about him is how perfect a match he is for you. However, if your sign isn’t compatible with his, it doesn’t mean you two don’t go along well. As a matter of fact, the time you spend together will be memorable and happy, hopefully. Whether it is true love or not, just treasure the present moments – I’m always rooting for you.

So, what is the truth about loving Scorpio man? Here, I decide to help you to better see and know the man you have fallen for.

The Good – the Bad – the Scorpio Man

He loves being right about everything, most of the time – I mean, who doesn’t? No one likes to admit that they were wrong about something, so does your man. He can sometimes be a “know it all,” which is also equally annoying. He can’t be right about everything all the time though. There will be times when you know something that he doesn’t; yet, don’t rub it in his face.

He wants your honesty – If you can’t be honest with him, then you can’t be in a relationship with him. Sounds brutal, right? But, honesty is one of the things he values most in a relationship. If you still have any secret, now is the time to tell him. Of course, you don’t need to reveal all though, just tell him certain things helping him know the real you.

He values friendship/companionship – Friendships are very important to him. He knows that good friends are hard to come by. He’s a loyal and true friend who will stick by his friends in good times and bad. Hence, don’t get mad at him if he has to cancel a date with you to go help a friend.

He easily gets jealous – You hug your male friend too long? He’ll get jealous. How about a guy on the street gives you a smile too friendly or a passionate stare? He’ll definitely feel uncomfortable. Jealously is a powerful emotion of Scorpio man. Deep down he could feel that he’s insecure in your relationship or not good enough for you in some way.

He tells you what’s on his mind – This man lives to express their emotions. He will probably be the first one to say, “I love you”. He won’t waste anytime denying or hiding his feelings for you.

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