What are Negative Traits of Scorpio Man Make People Really Hate?

What are Negative Traits of Scorpio Man Make People Really Hate?
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Scorpios are known for having quite the temper. They also have a jealous side to them, especially when it comes to relationships. People find it’s hard to approach those born under this zodiac sign as they often come off as intimidating individuals. Their emotions are very powerful; much worse, they tend to take their anger out on the wrong people.

For girls who want to date a guy of Scorpio sun sign, it’s necessary to learn about his characteristics, especially negative traits of Scorpio man. Knowing all of his bad traits will help you know him better.

Scorpio Male Negative Traits

A man born between October 23rd and November 21st falls under the sign of Scorpio, symbolized by the scorpion. Considered to be a powerful sign, he can be moody and dark. Certain traits of this guy, such as being compulsive and obsessive, are often seen as being negative. He has strong feelings even if this doesn’t show on the surface. Easily becoming very intense far too soon, he can also be jealous, controlling, and possessive. If anyone upsets him in any area, he has a nasty habit of wanting to damage that person as much as he can…yup, he’s extremely vindictive.

From my experience, there are three types of Scorpio. Scorpio male negative traits can be different depending on which level of Scorpio your man is operating:

  • The first type can be spotted commonly – Those belong to this type are very stubborn and dogmatic generally. Like all Scorpios, they can be very faithful and loyal if all is well. Conversely, they will reveal the sting on their tail. They also have the habit of blaming others; it’s never Scorpios’ fault.
  • The second type only has the negative feelings for a very short while – Guys of this type tend to listen to others’ explanations and do their best to stop behaving badly. It’s not that they don’t go on the attack; they do make formidable enemies, but not become vindictive.
  • The third type is very spiritual people – It’s really rare to spot those. They can seem very nice and caring, but don’t be in too much of a rush to get intimate with them.
What are Bad Traits of Scorpio Man?

What bad qualities a Scorpio man owns? He can be vengeful if being betrayed by his lover, or discovering your feelings for him weren’t real or not as deep as his feelings for you. Even though he’s a water sign, it can quickly become boiling water. Also, being emotional and passionate can cause him to be moody, especially when analyzing a situation and deciding how to act. While contemplating, Scorpio male prefers to be left alone and does not want to be interrupted. If he gets interrupted, he becomes easily irritated; this gives him an aura of moodiness.

We all know that Scorpio is a negative sign; however, not many of us realize that Scorpio is the most misunderstood among 12 astrology signs. People born under this sign are very emotional. Their emotions are intensified – both good emotions and bad; and negative emotions of jealousy and resentment are hallmarks of this sign. They are constantly trying to understand their emotions through finding a deeper purpose in life.

In short, what are negative traits of Scorpio man you need to beware of? This guy is very jealous and possessive, especially when it comes to relationships. He, at the same time, is quite vengeful if sensing betrayal signs.

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