How to Tell a Scorpio Man Likes You? – Must-Know Scorpio Love Signs

Have a crush and wondering if he’s into you? Look no further than his astrological sign for clues, girls. If your crush’s birth date falls between October 23 and November 21, he’s a Scorpio born. Influenced by the Water element, Scorpio male has very deep sense of romance and craves for emotional intimacy. In general, love relationships are very sensitive topics for this guy. So how to tell a Scorpio man likes you?

How to Know If Scorpio Man is into You?

Every Sun sign has its own way of expressing attraction and desire; and, of course, there’s no exception for Scorpio. This sign is one of the sexiest and most deeply emotional signs of the zodiac. When it comes to heart matters, especially about the intimate connection, Scorpio man is extremely serious. If he’s into you, you’ll find him watching you intently and making up reasons to be around you. He will behave in surprisingly jealous or possessive ways once sensing someone else is also interested in you, even you two aren’t a couple yet.

Do not misunderstand him as an infamous flirt; in fact, he is very loyal and can make a faithful partner. The male Scorpion feels things deeply; that’s somehow true in the realm of attraction. He knows how to get your heart by dialing up the intensity. Whenever he is nearby, his gaze might feel like a laser beam and his physical proximity may give you a sweat. Trust us – that’s how he wants you to feel.

When a Scorpio Male Falls in Love

A Scorpio man in love is a strange, enigmatic being. If he is interested in someone, he will, at first, pretend not to be and simply put that person under the microscope to see if she is worthy of his investment. This examination will allow him to get to the bottom of his love interest’s entire flaws and strengths. Once he’s made up his mind that you are the right one, he will surely remain faithful (influenced by his Fixed sign). If the attachment satisfies his emotions, intellect, and soul, he will make a loyal and true lover. And, yes, betrayal is abhorred, and will never be forgiven or forgotten.

Traditionally, Scorpio has been ‘tagged’ in the Sex Maniac of the zodiac label; in truth, he does crave for affection and romance as much as the physical intimacy. It’s true that the sexuality is at the core of a Scorpio, but this does not exist in isolation. There is fairly more to this loyal and possessive man. He needs to be loved; and if you love him with all your might, what you get in return can please you endlessly.

What are some signs a Scorpio male is attracted to you? Here is the answer:

He will try his best to mask his affection or interest in you, first of all.
He will listen to everything you say to find out what you’re like
He will pursue you further to see what he does not know about you, especially if he senses the mystery in you
He will almost always have a concentrated stare on you
He will run background checks on you to see if you’re the right one
He wants to probe you inside out and make sure that you are decent, sweet, kind, and loving.

In short, how to tell a Scorpio man likes you? Pay attention to his stare – if he stares at you more than the others, it’s likely that he is interested in you. This guy definitely sees you as a special person if he takes his time to notice and stare at you.

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